With about 1300 Cholera cases and about 3dozen dreads from the cholera epidemic in Cameroon, a 2days training was organised from Wednesday the 30th to Thursday the 31st of March 2022 in Buea by the Water, sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) cluster under the auspices of UNICEF on cholera outbreak IN Cameroon. This training brought together about 24 local NGO in the South West Region and the Regional Delegate of Public Health South West Region. Nicoline Mah and Blaise Abimnui, two of our amazing volunteers represented Girls Excel during the training.

The following topics were discussed during the training:

  • An over view of cholera in Cameroon with specific focus on the South West Region
  • Understanding cholera disease (symptoms, prevention and treatment)
  • Disease surveillance
  • Emergency sanitation, environmental cleaning
  • Disinfection ( chlorine solution preparation)
  • Water and sanitation
  • Water treatment techniques
  • Disinfection of households
  • Preparation of chlorine
  • Waste management/human waste management
  • Food hygiene, preparation and handling
  • And safe and dignified burial.

The training came to an end with a post-test compared to the pre-test that was done at the beginning of the training. At this point , participants were  set to intervene in the fight against Cholera in their various communities/domains of expertise . This training was timely as it came at a time when communities actually needed help to fight against Cholera outbreak in Cameroon.

The presenters we’re detailed, interactive in their approach added to the practical examples used while laying emphasis on water and sanitation from the collection, transportation, storage and the treatment of water, chlorine preparation/ Aquatabs usage and safe and dignified burial laying emphasis on the need to give priority to the living over the dead. Not forgetting the importance or role of data and reporting like the knowing of affected areas and better management of resources.
Nicoline Mah, Volunteer at Girls Excel

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