We are recruiting young women   passionate about  girls rights to create girls-led clubs in their communities

Girls Excel Mentoring (GEM) Clubs  is a quarterly peer educational program designed as a safe space  to equip adolescent girls and young women with the tools to address period poverty, puberty and other reproductive health challenges threatening their human rights and overall wellbeing. Through these clubs, we recruit some of Cameroon’s most unconventional young leaders to engage these girls with revolutionary leadership, critical thinking to replicate sustainable solutions to their peers about issues affecting their bodies without fear or shame.

Why Girls Excel Clubs?

Our GEM Clubs provide a safe space for girls to build skills, knowledge and self esteem.

It creates a learning space where girls are empowered to speak up because we believe that they already have the solutions to the challenges in their communities but they need a safe space to voice these opinions.

Our reproductive health education and trainings on sanitary pads keep girls in school, helps them make informed decisions about their health, reduce teenage pregnancies, attend school regularly  and avoid risky behaviors.

What are the advantages?

Build skills in community work

A Diploma from Girls Excel & Partners 

Leadership training & follow up

International opportunities